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        We have modern production equipment, many control devices and computer manufacturing technology for cutting, welding, spinning, polishing and so on. Computer aided design and other advanced computer systems are used for production planning and product design and construction. Engineers and technicians have participated in many practical work experience of terminal engineering, and have a close relationship between the stability of various processes and the coordination of the project, so that they can maintain a new contact with the current research results.
       At present, we have the leading hardware and software equipment and professional R & D personnel in the domestic industry. In the project development stage, the project team undertakes the process and engineering design. By using a large number of industrial engineering computer-aided design and process simulation systems, and CAD computer-aided design, we can optimize the effect of the whole production process, so that you can see the whole project at a glance.

1. Dairy production line: sterilized milk with various flavors, sterile liquid milk, yoghurt, lactobacillus beverage, fancy milk and long-term milk.
2. Plant protein production line: soymilk, peanut milk, walnut milk, pine nut milk, almond milk.
3. Beverage production line: fruit juice beverage, tea beverage, fruit and vegetable beverage.
4. Concentrated juice production line: apple, jujube, orange, aloe and other fruit and vegetable concentrated juice, tomato sauce, strawberry jam and other jam.
5. Production line of purified water and mineral water.
6. Aloe beverage, can and concentrated juice production line.
7. Production line of milk powder and pumpkin powder.
8. Sauce, vinegar and other condiment production lines.
9. Pharmaceutical bioengineering supporting production line